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We always assume that when we get home, close the door behind us, we leave the pollutants of the outside world behind.

Unfortunately the data says otherwise.

The fact is, the pollutants we think we leave behind, are often, in fact, in concentrations between 2-5 times in our home.* We're virtually surrounded; from the products we buy on a weekly basis, to the very materials used to build our homes. Including paints.

And when you also consider that the average American spends approximately 87% of their entire live inside of doors, it doesnt bode well for us or our family.

It starts with a choice

But instead of throwing our hands up when faced with what we see as the daunting realities of our present, we can Incline towards the ideal we know to be the best and healthiest a bit at a time(Switching to Energy saving Lightbulbs, using different cleaning products, etc).

Think of it like running a Marathon, instead of a Sprint. Its guaranteed and gradual, without the overwhelming, unproductive sense of urgency.

No Limits

Our homes are almost always the starting points and indeed the very Canvases for our expressive impulses. 

Painting often is the first in line. And here too we can greatly improve the interior environmental quality when we carefully choose our materials. 

At Ocean Bear Colors and Craft we recognise the emotional investment thats made above and beyond the financial commitments. 

Whether it's InterIor/Exterior Painting, Deck/Patio building or remodeling, we'll be there from start to finish, making sure you understand all your options and are comfortable with the decisions you make. 



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